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The Service Selection Board is an organization that conducts interviews and selections for officers in the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force. The service selection board assesses candidates’ suitability using a standardized protocol of evaluation system. The SSB Interview Process or Selection takes place over a 5-day period. Various tests and tasks are administered during these five days to evaluate the candidacy of the eligible candidates. The SSB interview consists of two stages of testing. Only after passing Stage A testing does a candidate advance to Stage B testing.

Candidates applying for the NDA, NDA Foundation, CDS, and Air Force must obtain the minimum qualifying marks in both the written test and the Officer Potentiality Test. Candidates applying for the Air Force must also pass the Computerised Pilot Selection System (CPSS) and the Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT). The PABT Test is only for candidates whose first choice is the Air Force. PABT is also organized for all SSB-qualified candidates, with Air Force as one of the options.

Age Limits, Sex and Marital Status

  • For IMA -Unmarried male candidates with age between 19 to 24 years only are eligible
  • For Indian Naval Academy – Unmarried male candidates with age between 19 to 22 years only are eligible
  • For Air Force Academy – 19 to 23 years (Upper age limit for candidates holding valid and current Commercial Pilot Licence issued by DGCA (India) is relaxable upto 26 years.) only are eligible
  • For Officers’ Training Academy-(SSC Course for men) Male candidates (married or unmarried) having age between 19 to 25 years only are eligible
  • For Officers’ Training Academy -(SSC Women Non-Technical Course) Unmarried women, issueless widows who have not remarried and issueless divorcees (in possession of divorce documents) who have not remarried are eligible; they should have age between 19 to 25 years
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Best SSB Interview Coaching Institute In India:

At Brigadier Defence Academy, we offer the best SSB interview preparation and guidance, where we will be with you at every step of the way to ensure you achieve the success you deserve. For the selection process, classroom training is simply insufficient. Among other things, one must train both physically and mentally. The best SSB interview coaching by Brigadier Defence Academy prepares students for the SSB Interview in a month and the training is provided by Ex-SSB Interviewers and Defence Officers.

Students at the Brigadier Defence Academy are prepared for the SSB Interview within one month by former SSB interviewers and defence officers as teachers. The best SSB interview coaching by Brigadier Defence Academy, we provide students with comprehensive study materials that encourage them to adopt more thorough and comprehensive approach to their studies.

The best SSB interview coaching by Brigadier Defence Academy has mentors who are former army officers and teachers who have worked and served in the military. Providing the same atmosphere, ambiance, accommodation, food, and environment to the students will allow them to change their behavior in order to qualify. SSB interview coaching by Brigadier Defence Academy provides completely updated study materials and a syllabus.

Mentors offer individual counseling and attention to each student. The SSB interview coaching by Brigadier Defence Academy employs a bilingual medium of instruction (English and Hindi) to ensure that students understand everything. Mock tests, competitive test series, and regular doubt classes are also held by the academy to help students clear their doubts.

Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview Process:

Day-1 : Document Check

  • Documents Check
  • Form filling
  • Testing
  • Verbal, non-verbal intelligence test
  • Picture Perception description test (PPDT), etc

This day is very important for everyone. Those candidates who clear this round will stay for the further days of the Interview and the rest of the candidates will be sent back home.

Day-2: Following Tests Will Be Conducted:

  • Thematic Apperception Test
  • Word Association Test
  • Situation Reaction Test
  • Self Description Test etc

Day-3 Of SSB: GTO Task Round:

  • GTO (Group Testing Officers)
  • Group discussion
  • Group planning exercise
  • Progressive group task
  • Half group task
  • Individual obstacle task
  • Command task
  • Group obstacle task etc

Day 4 Of The SSB: Personal Interview:

In the Personal Interview round, Examiners are unfastened to invite any questions, it could be associated with your personal lives or perhaps from topics as properly, etc. Well, you need to respond lightly to each question. There are right hints to appear, act and respond in the SSB Interview. Learn the whole lot approximately the Interview and be capable of cracking it. 

Day 5 Of SSB: Conference

The convention day is largely a check or activity. This is the day while you’ll be instructed your result. All the applicants who clean the Interview will continue for in addition stages of selection. Most possibly that might be a medical examination.

SSB Interview Preparation:

Here are many policies and rules to seem withinside the SSB Interview. It is crucial for each candidate who’s appearing in the Interview ought to be aware of it. Any incorrect motion or irrelevant conduct may be a reason to disqualify you. The Brigadier Defence Academy prepares the scholars for the SSB Interview within a month and the schooling Is given with the aid of using the Ex-SSB Interviewers and Defence Officers etc. It turns into smooth for any candidate to get educated nicely at BDA. Join the reputed SSB Coaching Institute in India and get educated nicely in each way and be capable of clear the Interview.



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