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Welcome to The Brigadier Defence Academy Dehradun


About Us

Brigadier Defence Academy Dehradun is an Army officers enterprise and the best Defence Academy in Dehradun. The team comprises five defence officers who formed the academy with aim of providing quality and genuine NDA, CDS, and AFCAT coaching in Dehradun India Students who aspire to become defence officers and serve the country.

Can a person who has never himself cracked the UPSC exams or the SSB guide anyone to qualify for the UPSC or SSB?  Can Someone who himself does not pass officers qualities and officer-like behavior imbibe there is any aspiring candidate? Most academies suffer these drawbacks and therefore we as a group of serving and retired service officers decided to bring about the Brigadier Defence Academy Dehradun.

Brigadier Defence Academy Dehradun will have mentors who are army officers and teachers who have lived and serve in the army. The aim is to provide the students the same atmosphere, ambiance, accommodation, Food, and environment so that the behavioral traits can be changed to become a suitable candidate for selection in both the written and the SSB.

From preparing and qualifying for the written exam in the best way to learning how to talk and how to use spoon and fork to eat will be taught to you by officers who have spent their lives doing the same. Can you imagine how your personality will evolve and how you will be heads and shoulders over other candidates? You will be a candidate or a gentleman cadet in personality and behavior even before you join the academy.

Even girls Candidates prepared in the best way and for SSB. With girls now eligible for NDA besides the CDS and AFCAT. The Mentors and teachers have vowed to get the lady candidates to be the best prepared by providing precise guidelines both for UPSC exams and SSB by providing a safe and secure environment. For Staying and learning very similar to what they would experience in NDA and OFA.

Brigadier Defence Academy Dehradun will take you to the threshold of selection by guiding you with experience and expertise in the very field you want to join and excel in.

A.K Chatterjee


The directions given below will be followed by each student of Brigadier’s Defence Academy, Dehradun.

Honour- The honour code of the academy will be observed meticulously.

“A student must be Truthful, Trustworthy, Loyal, Honest and must never deceive himself or anyone else both in his preparation for UPSC and his conduct for S.S.B.”

Integrity- Every student is responsible for his actions, he will make himself accountable for his preparation for written exams, S.S.B. preparation and medical tests and for his physical fitness. The Army requires Men not Boys and we at Brigadier Defence Academy will put in the necessary effort and direction for the candidate to achieve integrity in his conduct and preparation.

Leadership- Learn to lead, learn to follow. You have joined us to become leaders in the Army Forces. Follow the skills of your mentors, we have a team of experienced battle-hardened mentors, follow them and their instructions and see yourself developing the leadership qualities you require in the Armed Forces.

Excellence- Every student at our academy will have to show ‘Excellence in all we do’. The Armed Forces require excellence in all the aspects of life. We will work on you tirelessly to develop that excellence in you.

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