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DIG S.K. Maghu was commissioned in the Army on 30th August 1980, he subsequently joined the BSF. He served in the National Security Guard for 5 years as a Black Cat Commando. He served with the United Nations in erstwhile Yugoslavia and Kosovo. He has vast experience in the field of operations, training and administration. An expert in leadership he will mentor the candidates in developing leadership and social behaviour qualities to help the candidate address ‘Officer Like Qualities’ required to meet the UPSC requirements as well as S.S.B. requirements. He will be one of your principal mentors at the Brigadiers Defence Academy at Dehradun.

Col. Akshay Yadav

Col. Akshay Yadav is an alumnus of Sainik School, Tilaiya and the Indian Military Academy. He was commissioned in 1988 and served with distinction in the Army. He is from Sikh Regiment. A scholar in his college days he has a Masters in Psychology, he will be mentoring the candidates in all psychology related S.S.B. matters. A distinguished soldier and a thorough professional, candidates will see their personality and intelligence blossom under his personal guidance.

Col. U.C.S. Rawat

Col. U.C.S. Rawat was commissioned into the Army in June 1978. He served with distinction in the 9 Gorkha Rifles. He has varied Staff & Instructional experience. He will act as a mentor for the for all students at Brigadiers Defence Academy, Dehradun with the aim of developing ‘Officer Like Behaviour’ in all students a prerequisite to becoming a successful S.S.B. candidate. Expert at GTO tasks you will have no surprises in the GTO tasks.

Col. Honey Bakshi, VSM.

Col. Honey Bakshi was commissioned into the Army from the Indian Military Academy in December 1988. He joined the Intelligence Corps. and is one of the greatest spy masters ever produced. The movie ‘Ariyar’ is based on his exploits. He will be mentoring all candidates in developing the Intelligence standards required to successfully address and crack the UPSC and S.S.B. You can’t find a more appropriate mentor to crack the screening at the S.S.B.

Col. Lalit Deolal

Indian Military Academy in December 1990. He has been an Instructor and served with distinction till he retired from the Army. He has vast Training & Administrative experience. He will be mentoring all candidates on the aspects of ‘Officer Like Qualities’, a precursor for joining the Indian Defence Services as an Officer. Expert at Professional & Personal Interviews, you will be mentored by him on the interview pattern and how to exactly address your strengths and limitations.

Brig. A.K. Chatterjee, SM, VSM

Christened as the ‘Gabbar of Kashmir’ Brig. A.K. Chatterjee was commissioned in December 1988. From being at the Infantry School to being a Commando Instructor, the officer has varied Administrative & Operational experience. The Officer has been a Military attach in Nepal and his unit has been with UNIFIL in Lebanon. He will be mentoring the students to develop qualities of the Heart & Mind required to be developed to be successful in both the UPSC written exams and the S.S.B.He believes that Boys have to be turned into Men and will endeavour to make you the man you ought to be to join and serve the Indian Army with distinction. A UPSC top rank holder; he will guide you in adopting the method that will help you crack both the UPSC and S.S.B. and also in becoming a better human being. He believes in turning One star capability into Five-star ambition.

Col. Ashok Kumar

Col. Ashok Kumar did his schooling from Sainik School, Bijapur an alumnus of the National Defence Academy. He was commissioned in 1980 in the Punjab Regiment, one of the pioneers in raising the Black Cat Commando (National Security Guard) he has participated in Anti-Terrorist and Anti-Hijacking operations. He is an expert at administration. He believes that a candidate guided properly can address joining the Armed Forces. A Psychologist of distinction, he will mentor the candidates in what is required by them to address the Psychological Tests and the GTO task at the S.S.B.

Brigadier George Mathai . VSM.

Brigadier George Mathai after 4 years of training from NDA and IMA got commissioned into the 9 Gorkha Rifles. He has extensive operational and administrative experience . As Mentor in Brigadier Defence Academy Dehradun he will nurture candidates in officers like behaviour and qualities. His expertise in leadership will give impetus to candidates hoping to become leaders in the Indian Army. His SSB experience and expertise will help candidates preoperative for their SSB with confidence.

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