How to Join National Defence Academy in India

How to join Defence Academy in India:   

  1. The National Defence Academy in India is the premier institution in India for training and preparing cadets to be commissioned as officers in the three services, i.e. the ar,y, air force, and the navy.
  2. Nation defence academy acts as the foundation course for officers to be prepared physically and mentally to join & be successfully prepared to undergo Arm’s specific training at the IMA, AFA & INA.
  3. The method of joining the National Defence Academy is to First crack the UPSC, NDA Exam, then successfully qualify for the SSB & finally get through the medical examination.
  4. The way to prepare should be exactly the opposite, first and foremost to undergo a military level medical test preferably conducted by Arny/ Airforce doctors. His Concentrate on developing initiative, communication & leadership skills that will be assessed in the SSB by taking part in NCC, Scouts & Guides, Declamation & Debates Contests in your school and then finally continuously develop and prepare yourself for the UPSC, NDA exams by sticking to the syllabus prescribed by the UPSC (NDA) and going through previous year question and mock test. Always keep in mind that the question paper is prepared to keep in mind that students with PCM & non PCM are eligible.
  5. Brigadier Defence Academy Dehradun and academy establish and run by army officers as mentors & UPSC (NDA & CDS) qualified faculty will help you prepare to crack all three stages of the examination giving you a more than fair chance to realise your dreams of becoming an officer in the armed forces & Serving the country.
  6. Now being fully aware of the ‘three stages’ for cracking the NDA on All India Examination and also realising that the defence force uses the NDA or a foundation course for the three Services Academies, don’t you think is a fair idea to commit yourself to the foundation course at the Brigadier Defence Academy in Dehradun.
  7. The team of mentors & faculty with a combined experience of more than 100 years will not only nurture you through your class XI & Class XII but continuously work on your personality and medical and physical condition to help you address the three stages of cracking the NDA Successfully.
  8. Join our foundation course and we will guide you through personal supervision & guidance by providing the same environment as in the NDA to help you to serve the Nation with Honour.
  9. We will transform you from a boy to a man & then form a man to an officer & a gentleman.
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