1. The UPSC is the most prestigious exam in India. The quest for becoming an officer in the Indian Defence Forces brings thousands of young aspirants to Dehradun, each one of them aspiring to select the most appropriate or in other words the Best Defence Academy in Dehradun.
  2. Having served the Armed forces for 22 years and having the experience and fortune of clearing both UPSC and SSB in first attempt and having the opportunity to see closely almost twenty odd Defence Academies in Dehradun. I decided to clear the air for children/students coming to Dehradun in search for the Best Defence Academies. Here I elucidate.
  3. To become a successful candidate, you have to understand that the selection procedure involves three stages:
  4. The UPSC Examination or AFCAT Exams
  5. The Service Selection Board
  6. Medical Examination
  7. A successful candidate therefore has to keep these three stages in mind before jumping to conclusion as to which is the Best Defence Academy in Dehradun. Let us take the aforesaid stages one at a time.
  8. The UPSC Examination- The following have to be looked into:
  9. Have the mentors and faculties themselves qualified the UPSC; for a moment examine the fact that a man who himself cannot drive a car, trying to teach you how to drive a car.
  10. The Studying Environment- The process of preparation is time consuming if any one claims that in 30 to 45 days, he can prepare you to qualify the examinations, you must take it with a pinch of salt. The minimum period required to even go through PYQs and Mock Tests series is about 3 months.
  11. The Infrastructure- Today is the time of interactive learning and innovation; Black board and going through notes is a thing of past. Keep the infrastructure of smart classes and regular innovative and interactive teaching in mind before deciding upon the Best Defence Academy in Dehradun.
  12. The Hostel facilities- As I described the minimum period of preparation is 3 to 4 months. You have to join an academy which provides for hygienic and clean environment and good healthy food in hostels.
  13. Study Material- Before deciding on the Best Defence Academy in Dehradun see to the fact that the study material provided is limited to the syllabus as prescribed and updated regularly.
  14. Finally, the taste of the pudding lies in the eating; the faculty has to be experienced, good and ready to deliver by addressing doubt sessions and personally interacting with the students.
  15. The Service Selection Board- This is the most exclusively developed psychological and physiological evaluation method where you are evaluated for your Officer Like Qualities (OLQ) and Officer Like Behaviour (OLB). Dear students do not get therefore way lead by people. Claiming to make you address the SSB who themselves have never cleared the SSB. The magic potion of developing OLQs and OLBs in one month is like trying to reach the moon on a scooter, you require a rocket and only mentors and faculties who have themselves passed the SSB and Academies which provide you a Defence Academy like environment can help you through this selection process. Most important to see and deeply examine this fact before deciding upon the Best Defence Academy in Dehradun.
  16. Medical Examination- You might qualify the UPSC, you might also qualify the SSB but what happens if you initially only did not have the prerequisites Medical standards.

There is a requirement of a detailed Medical examination organized by the Academy and subsequent medical tests every month to ensure that you are in the requisite medical standards; a very important and often ignored fact which most money thirsty academies will never tell you about and a critical factor to keep in mind while selecting the Best Defence Academy in Dehradun.

At Brigadiers Defence Academy in Dehradun, the founder himself is an Officer; the mentors are all officers of the Defence Forces; every faculty member is UPSC qualified and the environment that is required to develop and sharpen you OLQs and OLBs is provided for with continuous and personal interaction of each student with the mentors. You will be subjected to an OLQ and Medical Test before being admitted to ensure that firstly you have the qualities of becoming a defence officer and secondly that you are in the required medical condition. The Hostel and the food will be a replica of what you will get in the Indian Military Academy or the National Defence Academy, with these facilities on the anvil we would like to christen ourselves as the Best Defence Academy in India. We will first make a ‘Man’ out of you and then a ‘Officer and Gentleman’ out of you. Ladies will be a priority for us, the founders’ and mentors’ daughters themselves being defence officers elucidates the fact. Get ready for an action-packed experience with the Best Defence Academy in Dehradun.

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