Foundation Course for Nation Defence Academy Dehradun

Listed Below are some of the key points on why to join the Foundation Course for NDA in Brigadier Defence Academy.


  1. The taste of the pudding lies in the eating. All ingredients have to be perfect to get a great pudding in the end. It is the same for the preparation of the competitive examination. The Chef (Mentors) has to be perfect, the ingredients (Students) have to be potential. The blending (Faculty) has to be just right and the cooking and the vessel (institutions, hostel, and food) appropriate only then you will get a perfect pudding (NDA Selection).
  2. By now we as candidates are fully aware of the process for selection
    1. The UPSC (NDA) Exams
    2. The SSB
    3. The Medical Test
    4. The Merit List
  3. We at Brigadier’s Defence Academy Dehradun aim to address all these issues simultaneously for the UPSC (NDA) along with your class XII preparation. The aim being you take your first UPSC attempt in class XII so that the candidate can take all three attempts. The procedure for this has been streamlined by mentors who are defence officers & have been instructors at NDA themselves and a very experienced faculty who are all UPSC (NDA & CDS) qualified. Can anyone who has himself not clear the UPSC (NDA & CDS) guide you to energy successful in the examination? Please don’t get way lead by such academies’.
  4. The SSB is one of the most challenging interview processes in the world. The candidate has to be in possession of OLQs to meet the intelligence and psychological tests. The candidate will be put through officers like qualities that come from inculcating officers like behaviour, which sadly cannot be developed overnight. The institution prompting you a magic potion of one-month preparation only make you familiar with the tests and nothing more. At Brigadier Defence Academy, the mentors who have all been instructors will personally help you develop these qualities with personal interactions with you and by an imbibing officer like behaviour in you.
  5. The Medical Test, the third test but happens to be most important. At Brigadier Defence Academy Dehradun on the first day itself, you will be examined and told whether you are medically eligible or not. The process will continue subsequently every month to ensure that you’re kept in perfect physical & medical state to get into or to get you an NDA.
  6. The merit List is a competitive examination and getting on the merit list is difficult. Put your hand in your heart and decide who will have more chances of being on the merit list, a candidate who starts preparation for all stages after class XII or someone who is faculty at Brigadier Defence Academy Dehradun will make you so competent that the backstage will be care walk for you.
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