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CDS Frequently Asked Questions

When candidates intend to apply for the CDS written exam, then there may be many questions raised in candidates’ minds. These questions can be linked to CDS eligibility, age, qualification, the online application process, admit card, result, selection process, SSB interview, physical & medical examinations. Below we have collected the points which will be helpful to solve students’ queries so that they can join the Best CDS academy in Dehraadun India.

CDS Online Application FAQs

  1. Question: How do I reach the site to fill up the online application?
    Answer: An applicant should log on to or to access the home page of the online application.
  2. Question: When can I submit an online application for a particular examination? Can I apply any time during the year for a particular examination?
    Answer: An applicant should apply for a particular examination only when it has been announced by the Commission. The complete and detailed information is available on Commission’s website and at the website for filling the online application for particular notified exam/exams at
  3. Question: How many times CDS exams are conducted?
    Answer: CDS exams are conducted twice a year i.e. CDS I in February and CDS II in September or in November.
  4. Question: What documents are required while filling the online application form?
    Answer: Candidates should have a valid email ID, contact number, a soft copy of the photo, and a signature or thumb impression in the required size and format. While the time of filling CDS exam online application form.
    Candidates also required payment source documents (Credit card, debit card, Net banking) to make payment online as a CDS application fee. You may also deposit your fees cash in any of the given state bank branches
  5. Question: How do I resize my photo?
    Answer: It is necessary to upload the picture as per the guidelines in the form. You need to resize it to the given guidelines. The easiest way is to do so using MS-Paint and Photoshop.
  6. Question: My name as per the Matriculation / Secondary Examination certificate is more than 30 characters long. What should I do, as the name field in the Online Application has a limit of 30 characters?
    Answer: In the online application, as you fill up your name in the name field, if it reaches the default size of 30 characters, an additional field for full name will appear in the form, and a pop-up message i.e. “Your name is exceeding 30 characters kindly use abbreviation in the Name column”. You may fill in the full name in the Additional Field. The full name field has a capacity of 70 characters.
  7. Question: Is it necessary to fill up both the parts i.e. part-I and part-II of the application?
    Answer: Yes, it is necessary to fill up both the parts i.e. part-I and part-II of the application.
  8. Question: If I don’t fill part-II of registration. Will my application be rejected or not?
    Answer: Yes, the application will be rejected.
  9. Question: What is the procedure to pay the fee for the examination?
    Answer: There are three options for the payment of fee-Pay –
    • by Cash in any branch of State Bank of India,
    • Pay by credit/debit card and
    • Pay by Net Banking facility of SBI.
  10. Question: Is there any other bank in addition to SBI where fees can be deposited by cash?
    Answer: No, the fee may be deposited in cash only in any branch of the State Bank of India.
  11. Question: How will I re-enter the system to submit my cash transaction details of the fee if I log out of the system now?
    Answer: An applicant, after having obtained the TRANSACTION ID number, should again log in by making use of the Registration ID number generated at the time of submission of Part-I of the application & the date of birth of the applicant and thereafter enter the relevant particulars in the remaining columns. The Registration ID is also available on the challan.
  12. Question: When the relevant particulars i.e. the community/ age relaxation requirements/ disability status/ year of birth etc. do not appear in the corresponding parameters available in the drop-out menu. How should I fill up the relevant columns?
    Answer: Before filling up the application, please check that you have picked the right examination in case more than one exam is suggested during that period. In case, the applicant urges to opt for a criteria/parameter which is different from the one contained in the drop-down menu would lead to the inference with the system that the candidate is not eligible for this examination on account of a different parameter.
  13. Question: What is the format of scanned photographs and signatures?
    Answer: The images of the photograph and signature should be scanned in the .jpg format. No other format is acceptable by the online system.
  14. Question: Whether the photograph should be in Black & white or should it be in a colour?
    Answer: Both are acceptable as long as they are as per the given specifications and the quality of the photograph is good enough to be identifiable and acceptable.
  15. Question: What should be the size of the scanned photograph and the signature?
    Answer: Image size & quality are very important, so please take care of its size & pixels while scanning & editing your photograph and signature.
    • The candidate should scan his/her signature which has been put on white paper with a black ink pen. Each of the scanned images of the photograph/signature should not exceed 40 KB in size (for a photograph, the pixel size is 140 pixels height x110 pixels width and for signature, it should be 110 pixels height x140 pixels width) and also be ensured that the uploaded photograph/signature are proper.
    • The Candidates may note that if the quality of the photograph/signature is poor, the application is liable to be rejected after having clicked on the Confirm Upload button; the system will not allow any changes in the photograph/signature.
  16. Question: How do I know that my application is registered? OR How do I reconfirm that my application is saved and received in the commission’s office?
    Answer: The successful submission of the online application requires the completion of two parts of the application correctly. After completing part-I of the application the system generates a unique number which is known as the Registration ID (RID). After the completion of all the columns in part II, a fresh page displays the message that the application has been submitted successfully. The generation of the unique registration ID number combined with the display of this message indicates that the application has been registered.
  17. Question: I filled my form and successfully paid the application fee through an online payment gateway (once or several times). However, this is not showing in the application status.  What should I do?
    Answer: If you have paid through Debit / Credit card and Online Application again shows payment options to pay then you have to pay a fresh. In case, you have paid through the Internet Banking facility then login into Part II and click on the Status link at the bottom of the screen. Unless Online Application shows successful payment, you cannot fill the application form.
  18. Question: I got Blank / Zero Registration No. after submission of application online. What should I do?
    Answer: This may mean that the application has not been submitted successfully and you are required to apply afresh.
  19. Question: What details should I remember after completion of successful submission of my form?
    Answer: It is strongly recommended that after the completion of the process of submission of the online application, the applicant must take a printout of the submitted application form and keep the same for future reference. The candidate is also advised to keep his fee payment proof which might be required by the commission in case of any discrepancy.
  20. Question: What is the CDS exam fee & who is exempted from paying fees in the CDS exam?
    Answer: Candidates (excepting Female/SC/ST candidates who are exempted from payment of fee) are required to pay a fee of Rs. 200/- (Rupees Two Hundred Only).
  21. Question: Can I change my center after the submission of the application?
    Answer: Change of Centre cases are normally discouraged by UPSC. However, written request duly signed addressing to J.S. (Exam), UPSC may be sent for change of center request towards its consideration based on its merit.
  22. Question: What should I do in case some mistake is found in my application after its submission?
    Answer: You can submit multiple applications & required to pay the fee with a new RID in case you are not a fee exempted candidate and your RID for the latest submitted completed application will be considered for processing and all earlier submitted applications will be canceled online system.
  23. Question: How to get a refund of a payment as I have made a payment more than once towards its fee.
    Answer: UPSC has no procurement to refund any fee amount paid by candidates. Concerned banks may be approached for claiming any extra/ unsuccessful payments made by the candidates.
  24. Question: How do I fill fill-up transaction details after making payment by cash to SBI?
    Answer: Login into Part II, Click on Pay by Cash Through any SBI Branch to find that you have already generated the challan. All generated challans are valid till their closing date. Click on continue on the screen page for filling Transaction-Id & Date and click on Submit.
  25. Question: When I will visit the bank to pay the fee in cash & my RID is not found in the bank.
    Answer: On downloading challan form for cash payment visit Bank on next day & ask Bank to use Screen Reference No. in case of difficulty.
  26. Question: Is it possible to edit the record submitted in my application?
    Answer: There is no editing facility in the application. In case of any mistake in filling application, the candidate is responsible. However, a fresh application may be made for the correction of earlier mistakes.
  27. Question: How I will take printing of my submitted application?
    Answer: You may click on the View/Print option at the view application site. Then enter RID & DOB to print your submitted application.

CDS Eligibility FAQs

  1. Question: What are the age criteria for the CDS exam?
    Answer: There is a difference in age criteria according to the posts-
    • 19-24 Years – Indian Military Academy
    • 19-24 Years – Naval Academy
    • 20-24 Years – Air Force Academy
    • 19-25 Years – Officers’ Training Academy.
  2. Question: How age is calculated in CDS?
    Answer: In defence exam, the age is calculated from the date of joining, not from the date of the exam date/application date. candidates are informed to add 10 to 12 months to their age to reach min & max of for CDS. However, every time UPSC release CDS notification, they mention min & max dates also. Candidates are advised to visit the official website & read the notification carefully before filling the online form.
  3. Question: What is the education qualification for the CDS exam?
    Answer: Candidates with a bachelor’s degree can apply for the CDS exam. Education qualification varies according to the post –
    • For Indian Military Academy – A degree of a recognized university or equivalent is required.
    • For Air Force Academy – A degree of a recognized University with Physics & Mathematics at 10+2 or Bachelor of Engg. is required.
    • For Officer Training Academy – A degree of a recognized university or equivalent is required.
    • For Naval Academy – a Bachelor of Engineering is required.
  4. Question: Can candidates with arts/humanity stream degrees apply?
    Answer:  Candidates with a graduation degree from any stream can apply for the CDS exam. But candidates holding degrees from Arts/Humanity can only apply for Army & OTA.
  5. Question: I am appearing in the final year of my graduation. Can I apply for the CDS exam?
    Answer: Yes, Candidates who are appearing last year of their graduation can apply for the CDS exam.
  6. Question: Can female/girl candidates apply for the CDS exam?
    Answer:  Yes, Female (unmarried) candidates can apply for CDS only for the post of Officers Training Academy (OTA).
  7. Question: How many attempts are allowed for appearing in CDS exams?
    Answer: There is no such number of attempts is mentioned in CDS notification or on the UPSC website. Students can attempt till they fulfill the age criteria of CDS application.
  8. Question: Is there any specific % require to apply for CDS?
    Answer: No. As per the CDS notification & UPSC website, there is no such criteria is mentioned. Candidates only have to secure passing marks to apply CDS exam.
  9. Question: Who can apply for the CDS exam?
    Answer: The candidate must either be:
    • A citizen of India,
    • A subject of Bhutan,
    • A subject of Nepal,
    • A Tibetan refugee who came over to India before the first July 1962 to permanently settle in India.
    • A person of Indian origin migrated from an outside country intending to permanently settle in India.
  10. Question: What is the marital status for the CDS exam?
    Answer: There is a variation of marital status for the CDS exam –
    • For IMA & INA – Unmarried male candidates only are eligible.
    • For Air Force Academy – Unmarried male candidates only are eligible.
    • For Officers’ Training Academy (SSC Course for men) – Unmarried male candidates only are eligible. Male divorcee/widower candidates are not eligible.
    • For Officers’ Training Academy (SSC Women Non-Technical Course) – Unmarried women, issueless widows who have not remarried, and issueless divorcees (in possession of divorce documents) who have not remarried are eligible
      Note – Marriage is not permitted during training.
    • Relaxation in Age for Commercial Pilot Licence Holder (issued by DGCA) – Upper age limit for candidates holding valid Commercial Pilot Licence issued by DGCA (India) is relaxable up to 26 yrs. Candidates below 25 years of age must be unmarried. Marriage is not permitted during training. Married candidates above 25 years of age are eligible to apply but during the training period they will neither be provided married accommodation nor can they live with family out of the premises.

Medical & Physical

  1. Question: What is the medical eligibility for the CDS exam?
    Answer: Candidates must be physically and mentally fit according to the given standards.
    • vision standard for Naval and Airforce
      • For Male:
        • Candidate must be able to read 6/6 in a distant vision chart with each eye with or without glasses (For Navy and Air Force without glasses only).
        • Myopia should not be more than 3.5D
        • Hypermetropia should not be more than 3.5D including Astigmatism.
      • For Female:
        • The aspirant must be able to read 6/6 (better eye) and 6/8 (worse eye) in a distant vision chart with or without glasses
        • Myopia should not be more than minus 5.5 including Astogination.
        • Internal examination of the eye will be done through an ophthalmoscope to rule out any disease of the eye.
        • A candidate must have good binocular vision.
        • The color vision standard will be CP-III.
        • A candidate should be able to recognize red and green colors.
    • Teeth, Ear, Nose, and Throat Conditions :
      • CDS Physical Qualification also covers your conditions of teeth, ear Nose, Throat, etc. Check the standards given below.
      • The applicants ought to have an adequate number of normal and sound teeth.
      • At least 14 dental focuses will be satisfactory.
      • A hopeful ought not to be experiencing serious pyorrhea.
      • The listening must be ordinary.
      • A hopeful ought to have the capacity to hear a constrained whisper with every ear at a separation of 610 cms in a very room.
      • There ought to be no confirmation of present or past disease of the ear, nose, and throat.
      • A sound metric test will be ruined AF. Sound metric misfortune ought not to exceed+20 db in frequencies somewhere around 250Hz and 4000 Hz.
  2. Question: What are the physical criteria for the CDS?
    Answer: Candidates are advised to go to the official notification of the CDS exam which is released by UPSC.
    • First of all, the participants should take care that they are physically & mentally fit and fine, and free from any type of disease/disability.
    • Participant does not have any type of mental breakdown record in past.
    • The aspirant must undergo a preliminary medical check-up for wax in the ears, refractory error of eyes, a fungal infection of the skin before reporting for the SSB interview.
    • The candidate must be under a standard weight
    • The chest should be in fine condition. An x-ray of the candidate will be carried out for figuring out any disease in his chest.
    • The minimum range of expansion after full inspiration should be 5 cms.
    • There should be no disease of bones and joints of the body.
    • There are height/weight standards for male & female candidates. Please refer to the CDS official notification.

CDS Exam

  1. Question: What is the CDS Exam Pattern?
    Answer: CDS is a written exam that consists of only Multiple Choice Questions. For getting into Indian Military Academy, Naval Academy, and Air Force Academy, candidates are expected to appear for all the 3 papers- English, General Knowledge, and Elementary Mathematics. However, For Officers Training Academy, candidates must take two papers only- English and GK. Each paper carries 100 marks. The question paper will also consist of questions involving the metric system of Weights and Measures only will be set. Those who qualify in the written test are called for the second stage i.e., Intelligence and Personality Test.
  2. Question: Is there any negative marking for the wrong answer in the CDS exam?
    Answer: Candidates should note that there will be a penalty (Negative Marking) for wrong answers marked by a candidate in the Objective Type Question Papers.

Admit Card

  1. Question: When I will receive Admit Card once I had submitted my completed application.
    Answer: All admitted candidates can download e-Admit Card with details of center address around three weeks ahead of Examination Date once Admit Card are uploaded on

SSB Interview

  1. Question: What is CDS SSB Interview Process?
    Answer: After clearing the written test in CDSE, the candidates have to go through a series of personality tests, which is called the Service Selection Board. This interview commonly known as SSB has different types of tests to judge a person’s personality. . SSB consists of three types of tests.
    • The Screening Test
    • The Psychological Tests
    • The Interview
  2. Question: If I don’t have the final year mark sheet for the SSB/Interview of the CDS exam. What should I do?
    Answer: In case a candidate is in the final year & awaiting for his/her mark-sheet or he/she is submitted his/her certificate in college/universities for higher studies, he/she will be required to submit an application which will be signed by the principal/university registrar (Application form can be downloaded along with call letter for SSB).

Miscellaneous FAQs

Question: What is the difference between the CDS and NDA exams?
Answer: Where the NDA examinations recruit for the Army, Navy, and Air Force after 12th whereas the CDS examinations are conducted for recruitment for IMA, Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, and OTA after graduation.

Some common questions asked by AFCAT candidates are discussed below. However, candidates are advised to read the complete AFCAT advertisement properly as published in Employment News or as given on the website The advertisement is quite wide and most of the doubts will be clear if the advertisement is read properly.

Candidates are also recommended to fill up the online form properly. Clear instructions have been given on the website regarding filling up the form. Please check all columns properly before submitting the form. Check and re-check the spelling of your name, father’s name, date of birth, postal address, email address, etc.

Write your Date of Birth and Gender correctly. These details in the form cannot be changed subsequently. Your eligibility for different courses would depend on your filling up all relevant details correctly. Please check and re-check before pressing the ‘Submit’ button.

Write your email address correctly while registering online as the password will be sent to your email address. If the incorrect email address is mentioned, the password may not be delivered or will be delivered to the wrong address. Candidates may note this point explicitly: 

  1. What is AFCAT?

Ans. AFCAT stands for Air Force Common Admission Test. This test is conducted by the Indian Air Force for the selection of officers in all branches of the IAF (except medical and dental) viz. Flying Branch (Short Service Commission only), Technical Branch (Permanent Commission and Short Service Commission), and Ground Duty Branch (Permanent Commission and Short Service Commission). AFCAT is conducted twice a year (in February and August). The advertisement for the same is published in December and June respectively.


  1. Is AFCAT the same as the UPSC exam for NDA / CDSE entry?

Ans. No. AFCAT and UPSC exams are different. UPSC conducts exams for entry into NDA (after Class XII, for males only). Entry through CDSE (after graduation, for males only in IAF) is also conducted by UPSC. The UPSC exam for NDA / CDSE is primarily for Flying Branch (Permanent Commission). For further details, you may refer to the UPSC website.


  1. What are the eligibility criteria for AFCAT?

Ans. The eligibility criteria concerning age limit, educational qualifications, etc. for AFCAT are spelled out in the advertisement published in the Employment News as well as the same is displayed on the website The minimum qualification required is graduation.


  1. Are women candidates eligible to apply for AFCAT?

Ans. Yes, women candidates may also apply for AFCAT. For details regarding age limit, qualifications, eligibility for various branches, etc. please refer to the advertisement published in the Employment News as well as the same displayed on the website The minimum qualification required is graduation.


  1. How do I apply for the AFCAT?

Ans. AFCAT applications now have to be made online only. The earlier design allowing candidates to apply offline (by post) has been discontinued. Candidates are to apply online through the website using a valid and current email address only.


  1. Do I need to send any documents / self-addressed envelopes to AFCAT Cell for Admit Card etc.?

Ans. No. There is no requirement of sending anything by post to AFCAT Cell. Applications are to be made online only.


  1. What is the scheme of exams for AFCAT?

Ans. The duration of AFCAT is two hours. It consists of 100 questions. It is an objective test and the scheme of the syllabus contains General Awareness, Verbal Ability in English, Numerical Ability, Reasoning & Military Aptitude. A sample paper and old question papers are available on the website (in the sub-link ‘Selection’).


  1. Whether qualifying in AFCAT will make me an officer in the IAF?

Ans. AFCAT is only one of the steps in the entire selection process for getting selected as an officer in the IAF. On clearing the AFCAT, shortlisted candidates will be called for SSB (Services Selection Board) Testing. If recommended by the SSB, candidates will undergo medical fitness tests conducted by Air Force medical authorities. Subsequently, subject to medical fitness, a merit list will be prepared depending on the number of vacancies available in various branches of the IAF.


  1. I have completed my Class XIIth exam. Am I eligible for AFCAT?

Ans. No. The minimum qualification required for AFCAT is graduation / post-graduation (depending on the branch you are applying for). There is also a minimum requirement of marks in graduation / post-graduation. For full details, you are requested to go through the advertisement published in the Employment News. The advertisement is also displayed on the website


  1. Where should I register for the AFCAT online?

Ans. You have to register for AFCAT on the website Please note that the registration is being done through this website only. Do not register for AFCAT on any other website.


  1. Is there any fee/registration charges etc. for AFCAT?

Ans. No. There are no fee/registration charges of any kind for applying/appearing in the AFCAT. Please note that no money is charged or taken at any stage during the entire selection process. If anyone demands money/bribe, you may approach Air Force authorities. However, no TA or any other allowance is paid for appearing in the AFCAT. Candidates have to make their arrangements for reaching the exam center, accommodation, etc.


  1. I have registered online on the website for AFCAT. However, I have not received any passwords. What should I do?

Ans. The password is sent to the email address through which you have registered. The password is usually sent within 24 hours of the registration. If you do not receive your password even after 48 hours you may also use the “Forgot Password Option” to receive a new password. However, candidates must note that they have to enter their email address correctly. Email address should be a valid one and in use. Experience has shown that many candidates during the registration process wrote incorrect email addresses and passwords was therefore not delivered. Be careful regarding the spellings etc. when you fill in the email address. Even one letter/alphabet misspelled in the email address will lead to the entry of the wrong email address.


  1. I am meeting the age criteria as per the advertisement. However, when I am filling up the form online, it is showing an error indicating I am not eligible.

Ans. Please read the advertisement carefully. The age given in the advertisement, say between 19 to 23 years, for example, is as of 01 January 2014. Are you meeting the relevant age as on that day? Recheck and then fill the form. The advertisement also indicates born between dates. So refer to the advertisement, ascertain your eligibility, and then fill the form.


  1. I am not a science graduate. Am I eligible for the flying branch?

Ans. Graduate (minimum three years course) in any discipline from a recognized university who have attained a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate (all papers put together) and have passed Maths and Physics at the 10+2 level are eligible to apply. Please refer to the advertisement/website for detailed notification regarding eligibility criteria.


  1. I have a Commercial Pilot Licence issued by DGCA (India). Am I eligible to apply in the flying branch?

Ans. You may apply if you meet age criteria and other educational/medical criteria. Please note there is certain age relaxation for CPL holders. However, one needs to meet the educational qualification criteria. Also, note that the age relaxation is for holders of CPL issued by DGCA (India) only. CPL issued by any other body/country may not qualify you for age relaxation etc. Also, note that even the Student Pilot License (SPL) issued by DGCA (India) does not qualify you for age relaxation.


  1. I have an engineering degree, yet I am not eligible for a technical branch. How is that?

Ans. For the technical branch, you also need to fulfill the criteria as given in Para 4 of the advertisement. You need to have a minimum of eight subjects from the individual list of AE (L) or AE (M) branch subjects. To amplify, one should have studied eight subjects from at least one list exclusively i.e. to say one cannot have five subjects from the list of AE(L) and the remaining three from the AE(M) list. All eight subjects should be from one list only. If that is not the case, then you may not be eligible for a technical branch. You may however be eligible for flying/ground duty branch (if meeting age criteria and other medical standards etc.). Please read an advertisement.


  1. I have a degree from a foreign university. Am I eligible?

Ans. If the degree is recognized by UGC / AICTE / Ministry of HRD / DEC, you may be eligible for AFCAT.


  1. I have filled all columns on the page yet I am unable to proceed to the next page during the filling up of the form.

Ans. You would have entered certain information which may not align with the eligibility criteria. The most common mistakes are regarding the age criteria (check the date of birth and ascertain if you are eligible). Also if applying based on graduation do you have a 60% aggregate (all papers put together). If applying on a postgraduate basis, do you have 50% aggregate marks? Please check the eligibility criteria from the advertisement and then fill the form. Learn that you meet all criteria before you apply.


  1. My university has awarded a CGPA. How do I fill up the marks column?

Ans In case of candidates being awarded grades/CGPA instead of marks, the conversion of Grades/CGPA to the percentage of marks would be based on the procedure certified by the university/ institution from where they have obtained the Bachelor’s degree. In case the university/ institution does not have any scheme for converting CGPA into equivalent marks, the equivalence would be established by dividing the candidate’s CGPA by the maximum possible CGPA and multiplying the result with 100.


  1. Do I write the marks in decimal form or only in two digits?

Ans. Ignore the decimal. Write complete figures only. Please note that you need to have 60% aggregate marks in all papers put together if applying based on graduation. 59.9% is NOT equal to 60%. You need to have 60% aggregate and above if applying based on graduation. The same is the case if applying based on postgraduation, marks have to be 50% or above.


  1. I am interested in applying for the flying branch. I have filled up all the columns correctly to my knowledge. Yet, it is showing that I am not eligible for the flying branch.

Ans. Please check if you have filled all columns properly. Check the age and educational qualification criteria firstly. Also, check if you have filled the PABT column correctly. Also, check if you have written correctly regarding Physics and Maths in Class XII.


  1. What are the cut-off marks for passing in AFCAT?

Ans. There is no standard cut-off. It varies depending on various factors like the number of vacancies etc.


  1. I am having problems uploading my photograph, thumb impression, and signature?

Ans. You need to upload passport-size photographs (size 10 to 250 KB) in jpg/jpeg format. Uploading of Thumb impression and signature is not mandatory.


  1. During the registration process, I have written my name (or) date of birth incorrectly. What should I do?

Ans. Such a mistake at the outset should not occur. You are advised to fill in the basic data regarding yourself correctly. Data once submitted cannot be changed.


  1. I wear spectacles. Am I eligible for flying branch?

Ans. Medical criteria are well laid down. Medical fitness is ascertained only after qualifying the written part of AFCAT and after being recommended by the SSB. However, medical fitness is determined by the medical authorities. Please read the advertisement where basic details regarding medical standards have been mentioned.


  1. How do I know which center would I be allotted for the AFCAT?

Ans. You are to fill the application form and certainly indicate your choices in order of priority for seat preferences. AFCAT will endeavor to provide your choice, but you may appreciate that the entire process is automated and seats are allotted on the number of availability in every center.


  1. I am married. Am I eligible to apply?

Ans. Candidates below 25 years of age must be unmarried. The term unmarried excludes widower and divorcee even though without complications. Marriage is not permitted during training. Married candidates above 25 years of age are eligible to apply but during the training period they will neither be provided married accommodation nor can they live out with family.


  1. I am presently in the final year of my Engineering / Degree Course. Am I eligible to apply for AFCAT?

Ans. You may apply subject to meeting the requisite criteria of age and education qualification. If you are in the final year, you should not have any present backlog and should have a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate in all papers put together up to the last semester/year for which results have been declared.


  1. I have submitted my application form, but now I want to change my exam center. Is it possible?

Ans. Choices once given are treated as final.


  1. I have given flying branch as my first choice, technical as the second. Can I change my choice now after submitting the form?

Ans. Choices once given are treated as final.


  1. I am a serving airman. How do I apply for AFCAT?

Ans. Serving airmen are to apply online at par with other candidates. In addition, airmen are to apply in service format as per AFO 39 / 2006 through the service channel.


  1. Can one register once again for AFCAT if there was some mistake in filling up the application form?

Ans. Candidates are advised to check and re-check their application form for correctness before submitting the application. In case of mistake you may register afresh and intimate AFCAT Cell for cancellation of the first.

Q1. What is NDA?

The National Defence Academy is a joint services academy of the Indian Armed Forces, where cadets of the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force get training together before they go on to pre-commissioning training in their corresponding service academies. It is the first tri-service academy in the world. The place which is made to change boys into men. The cradle of military leadership. Candidates for NDA are selected through a written examination, SSB, and personal interview which is held twice a year in the months of April and November. About, 320,000 candidates apply for the examination every year.

Q2. What is the NDA exam?

To join National Defence Academy, a candidate must appear in the entrance exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission which is known as the NDA exam. It is conducted twice a year. The UPSC is individually responsible for issuing guidelines for selection and the final conduct of the entrance examination. The NDA exam covers 3 levels, the written examination, SSB, and personal interview.

Q3. How many wings come under NDA?

There are 3 wings that come under NDA. They are Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, and Indian army. All the cadets from three wings joining the NDA after their 10+2 Examination are trained in the Academy for three years completing in graduation and get their degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University. Apart from this, they also get trained in outdoor skills.

Q4. How many times a student can apply for NDA?

The required age limit for the NDA Examination is 16.5 to 19 years. So, at maximum, a person can take 3 attempts for this exam.

Q5. What are the fees of the NDA Examination?

Applicants are asked to pay Rs 100 as fees either by depositing the money in any Branch of SBI by cash, or by using the net banking facility of State Bank of India/ State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur/ State Bank of Hyderabad/State Bank of Mysore/State Bank of Patiala /State Bank of Travancore or by using Visa/Master Credit / Debit Card. There is a fees exemption for SC/ST/PH Applicants/ Sons of JCOs/NCOs/ORs.

Q6. When was UPSC NDA (2) 2021 Recruitment Notification Released?

The official notification for UPSC NDA (2) 2021 Recruitment was released on 9th June 2021. An Examination will be conducted by the Union Public Service Commission on 5th September 2021 for admission to the Army, Navy, and Air Force wings of the NDA for the 148th Course, and for the 110th Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC) commencing from 2nd July 2022.

Q7. How many VACANCIES have been announced under UPSC NDA (2) 2021 Recruitment?

The approximate number of vacancies to be filled on the results of the UPSC NDA (2) 2021 Exam will be as under:

UPSC NDA & NA 2 2021 Recruitment


National Defence Academy






120 (28 for Ground Duties)



Naval Academy (10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme)





Note: Vacancies are temporary and may be changed depending on the availability of training capacity of the National Defence Academy and Indian Naval Academy.

Q8. What are the IMPORTANT DATES for UPSC NDA (2) 2021 Recruitment Process?

Below is the Important Dates of the UPSC NDA (2) 2021 Exam:

UPSC NDA Online Applications Opening Date

9th June 2021

UPSC NDA Online Applications Closing Date

29th June 2021 (Till 6:00 PM)

Withdrawal of Application Form

6th to 12th July 2021 (Till 6:00 PM)

The download of Admit Card of NDA 2021 Exam

Three weeks before the exam

UPSC NDA & NA (2) 2021 Written Exam

5th September 2021


Q9. What is the AGE LIMIT for UPSC NDA (2) 2021 Recruitment as per the Official Notification?

Only unmarried male candidates born not earlier than 2nd January 2003 and not later than 1st January 2006 are eligible.

Age Limit

Age (years)

Minimum Age

16.5 years during the commencement of the course

Maximum Age

19.5 years during the commencement of the course


Q10. What are the EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS required for UPSC NDA (2) 2021 Exam?

NDA (2) 2021

Educational Qualification As of 24th June 2022

For Army Wing of National Defence Academy

12th Class pass of the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent examination conducted by a State Education Board or a University.

For Air Force and Naval Wings of National Defence Academy and for the 10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme at the Indian Naval Academy

12th Class pass of the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent with Physics and Mathematics conducted by a State Education Board or a University.


Note: Candidates who are appearing in the 12th Class under the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent examination can also apply for this examination.

Candidates appearing in the 11th class exam are not eligible for this examination.

Q11. What is the Selection Process for UPSC NDA (2) 2021 Recruitment?

UPSC NDA (2) 2021 exam will consist of 2 stages, i.e., written exam and SSB Interview. UPSC prepares a list of candidates who secure the minimum qualifying marks in the written examination as fixed by the Commission at their preference. Such candidates shall appear before a Services Selection Board (SSB) for Intelligence and Personality Test where candidates for the Army/Navy wings of the NDA and 10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme of Indian Naval Academy will be assessed on Officers Potentiality and those for the Air Force in addition to the above will have to qualify Computerised Pilot Selection System (CPSS).

Q12. What is the Exam Pattern for UPSC NDA (2) 2021 Written Exam?

The subjects of the written examination, the time allowed, and the maximum marks allotted to each subject will be as follows:




Maximum Marks

Mathematics (120 Questions)

Practice UPSC NDA & NA Mathematics Mock Test with Answers (300 Marks)


2 Hours & 30 Minutes


General Ability Test (150 Questions)

English + General Knowledge

Practice UPSC NDA General Ability Test Part A – English Mock Test

Practice UPSC NDA General Ability Test Part-B GK & Current Affairs Mock Test


2 Hours & 30 Minutes






SSB Test/Interview



Q13. Will there be any NEGATIVE MARKING in UPSC NDA (2) 2021 Exam?

There will be Negative Marking of One-third marks for wrong answers marked by a candidate in the Objective Type Question Papers.

Q14. Will the UPSC NDA (2) 2021 Exam be conducted in ONLINE OR OFFLINE mode?

UPSC NDA 2 2021 Exam will be conducted in offline mode consisting of Objective Multiple Choice Questions.

Q15. In which medium of language UPSC NDA (2) 2021 exam will be conducted?

The question papers (test booklets) of mathematics and Part “B” of the General Ability Test will be set bilingually in Hindi as well as English. Part-1 will be English Paper.

Q16. Will there be a SECTIONAL CUT-OFF in UPSC NDA 2021 Exam?

No, there will be no sectional cut-off in the exam.

Q17. Where are UPSC NDA (2) 2021 Exam Centres Located?

The Examination will be taken at the following Centres :

Agartala, Ahmedabad, Aizawl, Prayagraj (Allahabad), Bengaluru, Bareilly, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cuttack, Dehradun, Delhi, Dharwad, Dispur, Gangtok, Hyderabad, Imphal, Itanagar, Jaipur, Jammu, Jorhat, Kochi, Kohima, Kolkata, Lucknow, Madurai, Mumbai, Nagpur, Panaji (Goa), Patna, Port Blair, Raipur, Ranchi, Sambalpur, Shillong, Shimla, Srinagar, Thiruvananthapuram, Tirupati, Udaipur, and Vishakhapatnam.

Q18. What are the NDA SSB Interview 2021 Selection Process Details?

Candidates shortlisted in the written exam are expected to appear before a Services Selection Board (SSB) for Intelligence and Personality Test where candidates for the Army/Navy wings of the NDA and 10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme of Indian Naval Academy will be imposed on Officers Potentiality and those for the Air Force in addition to the above will have to qualify Computerised Pilot Selection System (CPSS).

Q19. What are the PHYSICAL STANDARDS required for UPSC NDA (2) 2021 Selection?

  • The candidate must be in good physical and mental health and free from any disease/disability which is likely to conflict with the efficient performance of military duties.
  • The minimum acceptable height is 157 cms (162.5 cms. for Air Force). The chest should be well developed. A fully expanded chest should not be less than 81 cms. The minimum range of expansion after full inspiration should be 5 cms.
  • Distance Vision (Corrected): Better Eye 6/6; Worse Eye 6/9. Myopia should not be more than -2.5D including astigmatism and manifest hypermetropia not more than +3.5D including Astigmatism. The Colour vision standard will be CP-III (Defective Safe).

Q20. What is the current PAY SCALE and SALARY Structure of UPSC NDA Enforcement Officer (EO) & Accounts Officer (AO) after the 7th Pay Commission?

Check NDA Officers’ Salary after 7th Pay Commission, Pay Scale, Allowances, Promotion Avenues, Incentives, Scholarship, Cost of Training in National Defence Academy and Naval Academy from the link given below:

Q21. When will the UPSC NDA 2021 Exam results be announced?

UPSC declares the National Defence Academy (NDA) and Naval Academy (NA) Written Examination Results on its official website It includes the Roll. Nos. of the candidates who have qualified for the interview by the Services Selection Board (SSB) of the Ministry of Defence for Admission to Army, Navy, and Air Force Wings. 

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